Limestones and Dolomites of Quebec

CIM Bulletin, 1970

0. 0. MAURICE, Chief, Industrial Minerals Deposits, Quebec Department of Natural Resources, Quebec City, P.Q.

This paper will essentially update the information that is already known and published on t he limestones of the Province of Quebec. The excellent report by M. F. Goudge (1935)m is difficult to improve upon and the areas of limestone quarrying are generally t he same as they were at the time of Goudge's report. Our knowledge of t he limestones of Quebec has been improved considerably in recent years by the publications of T. H. Cla rk,m who, since 1938, has been mapping and reporting on these limestones and has discussed t heir stratigraphy, their structural features, their history and t heir economic value. One economic aspect is the presence of natural gas in t hese formations and the possible occurrence of oil. A total of 150 test holes had been drilled to a depth of more t han 500 feet by the end of 1967 and, in addition, at least 256 more shallow holes had been put down in the St. Lawrence Lowlands. The in formation from these test holes has greatly improved our knowledge of t he thickness and extent. of the various formations of Paleozoic limestone and shale in Quebec. This paper will then review briefly t he lim estone occurrences in Quebec, using the old as well as t he more recent reports as principal references
Keywords: formation, Lime, limestone, limestone, Paleozoic, Precambrian, Quebec City, St. Lawrence Lowlands, Montreal, Quebec, Rock, Rocks, Shales, Stone