Limestone Resources of Alberta

CIM Bulletin, 1973

M. E. HOLTER, Industrial Minerals Geologist, Geology Division, Research Council of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Limestone-bearing strata are exposed in seven areas of Alberta, each situated adjacent to rail and road facilities. Six of these centers are located along the eastern edge of the Foothills and Front Ranges of the Rocky Mountains in western Alberta. The other is in northeastern Alberta, along the eastern margin of the Alberta Basin. High-grade limestones are present in Middle Cambrian, Upper Devonian and Mississippian strata. Middle Cambrian (Eldon Formation) limestones have been exploited only in the Exshaw area west of Calgary, where they formerly were used for lime production. Limestone beds of the Upper Devonian Palliser Formation are exploited at Exshaw and at Cadomin in west-central Alberta for the manufacture of cement. Reserves of high-grade limestone also are available in the Palliser Formation near Crowsnest Lake in southwestern Alberta and near Brule, west of Edmonton. Upper Devonian limestones of the Waterways Formation are widespread in the Fort McMurray area of northeastern Alberta, but available data indicate they are of inferior quality to the limestone deposits of the Rocky Mountains regions. The Mississippian Livingstone Formation contains large reserves of high-grade limestone at several localities in the Rocky Mountains and Foothills. Commercial development of the unit is now underway at Crowsnest Lake and at Exshaw for lime production, and future exploitation of these beds is feasible at Blairmore and Nordegg.
Keywords: Alberta, Cadomin, Alberta, Devonian Waterways Formation, Nordegg Limestone Deposits, Palliser Formation, Rocky mountains, Cement, formation, Lime, limestone, Palliser Formation, Quarry, Railways, Reserves, ROCKY