Lightweight Aggregates and Their Use in the Construction Industry

CIM Bulletin, 1963


The use of lightweight aggregate as a constituent of concrete is not a recent development. Pumice was used by the early Romans, in pozzolana cement concretes, in the construction of many of their works. However, the recent development of manufactured lightweight aggregates, such as the expanded shales, vermiculite and perlite, has created a possible use for a whole new group of Portland cement concretes. Concrete can now be produced with unit weights ranging from 30 to 150 pounds per cubic foot and with various insulating, fireproofing, acoustical and structural properties. The tonnage of such materials being used has increased considerably in each of the past ten years, and can be expected to increase for the next several years as availability of the aggregates becomes more widespread and the properties of such concretes become more thoroughly investigated and more generally known.
Keywords: Aggregate, Aggregates, Clay, Clays, Concrete, Construction, Development, perlite, pumice, rotary kiln, shale, vermiculite, Plants, Shale, Shales