Les revêtements céramiques: procédés actuels et futurs développements

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 941, 1990

S. Dallaire, Institut de génie des matériaux, Conseil national de recherches Canada

Applications concerned with ceramic coatings are not as well known as those with metallic coatings. However, ceramic coatings have played a tremendous role in the development of technology. Ceramic coating processes made it possible to overcome technological barriers in the areas of optics, electronics, wear resistance and high temperature applications. Ceramic coatings can provide new properties to materials never considered for demanding applications. They can also open new frontiers and revitalize materials which are maturing or in decline.
Keywords: Minéreaux industriels, procédés de revêtements, développement technologique, dépôts en propriétés, usure protection à une température élevée.