Leaching (?) of Silurian Salt Beds in South western Ontario Wells Drilled for as Evidenced in Oil and Gas

CIM Bulletin, 1955


In southwestern .Ontario, salt is generally present in the Silurian Salina formation to the West of a line extending southerly from the vicinity of Kincardine, through London, to the north 'shore of lake Erie. The aggregate thickness and number of salt beds present vary with basin position. Within the salt basin numerous areas, which range from a few hundred acres .to many square miles, are noted for the complete absence of, or a marked thinning salt beds. Subsurface data from many of these areas indicate that salt was deposited and later removed. Subsidence of the overlying strata is attested by structural features now present;. Locally, removal of the salt appears to have been related to flexures or faults which, through fracturing, may have provided access to the salt beds for solvent waters. Subsidence occurred .as early as late Salina time 'and continued intermittently until after Hamilton time.
Keywords: formation, leaching, Middle Devonian, Middle Silurian, Silurian Salt Beds, subsidence, The Salina, Ontario, Reefs, Salt, Salts, Structure, Subsidence, Wells