Layout of Continuous Miner Operations in the Smoky River Mines

CIM Bulletin, 1973

P. L. WRIGHT, Senior Planner, McIntyre Porcupine Mines Limited, Coal Division, Grande Cache, Alberta

This is a brief history of the development of the mining project, with a description of the proven geology. The paper describes how the experiences gained progressively demanded change in the mine design. The equipment used is described, together with methods of working. Interesting facts have been proved regarding gas emissions and roof support. The. working cycles evolved are completely flexible m operation and lend themselves to maximum utilization of the most productive units. The two underground mines are compared, showing the variance in conditions already experienced. Programs currently in operation to improve standards and production are: the training of miners, maintenance men and officials; experiments in floor consolidation and continuing roof support trials; and the effect of comparative stability of working crews on the performance of the operation.
Keywords: Coal, Coal Division, coal seam, Grande Cache, Alberta, long tons, Smoky River, Continuous miners, Maintenance, Mine, Mines, mining, Operation