Laser measurement of open stope dilution

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 85, No. 962, 1992

Fabien Miller, Yves Potvin and Denis Jacob, Noranda Technology Centre, Geomechanics Department Pointe-Claire, Quebec

The potential benefits of measuring the volume of excavated open stope are enormous. By comparing the actual excavation of the orebody contour, it is possible to determine the "real" amount of mining dilution, as well as the ore left in place. Noranda Technology Centre (NTC) has developed a stope survey system that allows for rapid and efficency measurement of underground excavation volumes. The system comprises a commercial laser (EDM), a set of lightweight rigid rods, an automated scanning device, a hand-held data logger and Autocad-based software for volume calculation and drawing manipulations. This system is an invaluable tool for the optimization of mining practices and could also be used for the delineation of caving areas.