Lake St. Joseph - Iron Ore Prospect to Superconcentrate Project

CIM Bulletin, 1972

B. W. TAYLOR, L. J. LAMB and F. R. JONES, Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited A. R. MaoPHERSON, Canadian Bechtel Limited

The Lake St. Joseph Iron Deposit is in Northwestern Ontario. Exploration to date by Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited has indicated an ore reserve of 683 million long tons. Metallurgical investigations have proved that suitable oxide pellets and/or superconcentrates can be economically produced from this ore. Studies of the Lake St. Joseph iron ore deposits have covered the period 1956-71, and have embodied applications of the improvement in mining and processing technology over this period. Market demand in the early 1960's for high-grade oxide pellets as a replacement for natural iron ores for the blast furnace first drew attention to the potential of the Lake St. Joseph deposit. The current market trend toward utilization of sponge iron to replace steel scrap as feed to electric furnaces and cupolas now suggests that the deposit can better be exploited as a prime source of superconcentrates.
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