Lake Sediment: A Medium for Regional Geochemical Exploration of the Canadian Shield

CIM Bulletin, 1971

R. J. ALLAN, Geochemist, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ont.

CANADA HAS A GREATER LAKE AREA than any other country. Discountin the Great Lakes, this fresh-water area, mainly in the Canadian Shield, is listed as approximately 300,000 sq. mi. Densities of lakes range up to 7,500 in a 5,294-sq. mi. area of the Shield, southwest of Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan. Five areas chosen randomly from the Shield (Figure 1) contained sufficient lakes to provide samples at a density of at least one per 10 sq. mi.
Keywords: Basalts, Basalts, Coppermine River, Geological Survey of Canada, Kaminak Lake, Lake Sediments, Concentration, copper, Lake sediments, Rocks, sediments, Survey, Surveys, Trace elements