Laboratory Tests of the Cleaning of Fine Coal by a D.S.M. Cyclone

CIM Bulletin, 1952


THE Research Council of Alberta has made a series of tests with the cyclone washer t-0 investigate the influence of the following operating variables: underflow apex diameter, specific gravity of medium, pulp ratio, density distribution of the feed, and size analysis of the feed. The results obtained for all the variables studied, except size analysis of the feed, are included in this paper. The tests were made with smaller underflow apex diameters and lower specific gravity suspensions than have been. recommended by Cerchar for the sharpest separations. However, what is c0nsidered to be sufficiently good cleaning was accomplished with a suspe11.sion of 1.30 :Specific gravity and an underflow to overflow diameter ratio of 0.56. It was found that the sharpness of separation was not affected appreciably by variations in specific gravity of suspension or underflow apex diameter provided that the density of separation was within the normal range of washery operation.
Keywords: Ash, Cadomin Coal Company, LSpecific gravity, magnetite, probable error, underflow, Coal, cyclones, Density, Efficiency, Separation, Specific gravity, test, Tests