La fabrication de fer préréduit pour utilisation au four à arc électrique

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 806, 1979

A. H. MARQUIS Directeur, service de la Recherche, A. CLAVEAU, Chef de Groupe, Matieres premieres Service de la Recherche, A. FAUCHER, Surintendant technique, Usine de Reduction Sidbec-Dosco

Since the start-up of its first Direct Reduction Module in April 1973, SIDBEC has produced over 2 million tons of prereduced iron. During this period, SIDBEC has acquired comprehensive experience in the operation of the direct reduction process and at the same time has learned to recognize the characteristics that the oxide should have to constitute an adequate feed for the process.A comparison is made as to the design and operation of the two direct reduction units now operating at Contrecoeur, Que. A description is given of a method of evaluation of a direct reduction unit, which takes into account the main process variables and which permits comparison of the results on a daily basis.The paper defines the characteristics that the iron oxide and the prereduced iron pellets must have to meet the specific requirements of the direct reduction and the electric arc furnace processes. A simple model makes possible a rapid evaluation of the technical and economic effect related to the use of a given raw material.Finally, the paper outlines the advantages of prereduced iron in the steelmaking process and on the quality of the steel products.