Key Lake human resources and northern business initiative

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 87, No. 982, 1994

R. Dudar, J. Mcintyre and B.P. Mcinnes, Camero Corporation, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Key Lake Operation is committed to a policy of maximizing Saskatchewan and particularely northern Saskatchewan employment and business opportunities.The participation rate of northen people in the Key Lake operation's workforce has risen from 23.8% in 1983. to 42% today. Cameco's objective is to achieve 50% representation of residents of Saskatchewan's north in the Key Lake workforce by 1995. The company also extends this strategic objective to contractors. All contractors are required to maximize employment opportunities for residents of Saskatchewan's north, and report employment levels to the company as a condition of the contract. Today, contractors at the Key Lake site have achieved a northern participation rate of 47%. This paper highlights strategies for increasing northern/aboriginal participation.