Jet Piercing lmproved and Chambering for Open-Pit Operations

CIM Bulletin, 1965

J. F. Short Manager, Jet Piercing, Union Carbide Canada Ltd., 805 Davenport Road, Toronto, Ont.

The jet piercing process, developed by Union Carbide Canada Ltd., is well established in blasthole production in open-pit mining. By t his process, holes can be drilled, shaped and chambered for blasting. In suitable or e or rock formations, a considerable cost reduction can be achieved. This paper reviews t he equipment used, relates how cost savings may be accomplished, and concludes with a mention of the most recent developments in t his field.
Keywords: blasting, Cost, Costs, Drilling, drilling and blasting, fuel oil, JP, open-pit, rock, Process, Processes, Production, Rock, Rocks