Introduction of the Autoloader at Mattagami Lake Mines

CIM Bulletin, 1965

G. Anders Formerly Chief Mine Engineer, Mattagami Lake Mines Ltd., Matagami, Que

The mucking out of sub-level headings by slusher and by Autoloader is described, and the performance and costs of both methods are compared. The introduction of the Autoloader is taken as an example to illustrate the method used at the mine for evaluating the suitability of new equipment. The consecutive steps in the process are covered in detail - from the preliminary cost analysis and the preliminary estimate of savings and advantages, and the review of these data after a field investigation, through the elimination of dubious factors, and detailed time and performance studies at the property, to the final assessment of the new equipment and an evaluation of the initial forecast.
Keywords: Atlas Copco, mucking, stope, ton, Total Operating and Capital Cost. ., Capital cost, Capital costs, Cost, Costs, Mine, Mines, Mucking, Operation, Performance