Introduction and use of fire-resistant fluids in underground mines in British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 826, 1981

T.G. CARTER, Senior Inspector of Mines, Mechanical-Electrical, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, British Columbia

This paper traces the introduction and use of fire-resistant (FR) fluids in hydraulic systems at underground mines in British Columbia. Reasons are given for the decision to make compulsory the use of such fluids in underground mines after January 1, 1975 by provincial government legislation. Examples are quoted of fires caused, or supported by, mineral oils which have resulted in loss of life and property.The basic principles of hydraulic systems are reviewed in order to present the effects of changing a system operating on mineral oils to one which must operate on FR fluids. Approximations of the cost of system conversions are given for certain machines and a brief survey is made of the various pieces oj underground equipment which contain hydraulic systems operating on FR fluids.
Keywords: Underground mining, Fluids, Fire-resistant fluids, Equipment, British Columbia, Safety, Hydraulic systems, Oils.