Interoperability of Mining Systems – An Industry 4.0 Approach


Christopher Doran, Mitacom Pty Ltd; Paul Lever, Mining3

C.E. Doran, P. Lever, C. Essebier – Mining3, and J.E. Jara Rosas, H. Valenzuela Neumann – Fundación Chile, and C. Larsen Mella, CSIRO Chile In this paper we discuss the application of Industry 4.0 concepts to mining with a primary focus on the planning and operations segments of the mining value chain.  A new conceptual model and reference architecture is proposed using RAMI 4.0 and the Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM) as a basis to explore the opportunities for interoperability of mining systems.  The model builds on an extensive body of previous work in the mining industry and provides a robust framework to describe a wide range of mining applications.   The initial round of engagements with the mining industry has provided insight into where improved levels of interoperability can deliver value to mine operators, and when combined with the other standardisation and specification initiatives including IEC, ISO, IEEE, and OPC UA a clearer picture is emerging on the areas that need to be developed to realise these benefits.
Keywords: Mining, Interoperability, Conceptual Model, Reference Architecture, RAMI 4.0, SGAM