International Activities Relating to The Problem of Oust Hazards in Mines

CIM Bulletin, 1969

C. R. ROSS, Senior Engineer, Occupational Health Division, Department of National Health & Welfare, Ottawa, Ont.

The purpose of this paper is to review the activities of international organizations concerned with the problem of dust hazards in mines and to indicate the extent of Canadian participation in these activities. The work of the International Labour Office in sponsoring conferences and reports on the appraisal and control of dust hazards and in the development of standard radiological classifications is considered in sorne detail. Also discussed are the role of technical societies, such as the American Conference of Governrnent Industrial Hygienists, in the development of proposed standards for dust exposure and the fonctions of international committees concerned with particular hazards, such as the U.I.C.C. (International Union Against Cancer) Comrnittee on Asbestos and Cancer.
Keywords: classification, Dust, European Coal and Steel Community, Geneva-I.L.O, International Labour Organization., International Union Against Cancer, Pneumoconiosis, Hazard, Health, Labour, Mine, Mines, Reports, Standards