Instrumentation in the Cyanidation Process

CIM Bulletin, 1966

W. A. Gow Head H. H. McCreedy Senior Sc.ientific Officer F. J. Kelly Scientific Officer Hydrometallurgy Section, Extraction Metallurgy Division, Mines Branch, Dept. of Mines & Technical Surveys, Ottawa, Ont.

It is believed that many of the problems encountered in the operation of gold cyanidation plants are difficult to resolve due to the lack of sufficient and reliable information regarding the variations and actual values of operating variables at any given time. The application of instruments to monitor the more important variables in the cyanidation process should result in more efficient plant operation and a better understanding of the process. The use of pH and conductivity sensing devices for alkalinity measurements, a monitor to determine the dissolved oxygen content of plant solutions, a continuous cyanide titrator and sonic control of grinding circuits are discussed. Although the discussion is oriented toward the cyanide process, much of the paper is applicable to other ore treatment operations.
Keywords: ball mill, Cyanide Titrator, Gold Cyanidation Mill, Lime Levels, Philadelphia, Concentration, Conductivity, Control, Controls, cyanide, Electrodes, Lime, pH, Plants