Installation of a Thin Spray-on Liner Ground Support System at the Cote Blanche Mine Production Shaft


John Larsen, Cementation Canada

The Cote Blanche Mine is a major North American producer of salt for road de-icing, chemical processes, and commercial and agricultural processes. It is located on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Louisiana approximately 160 km west of New Orleans, and is owned by Compass Minerals.  Following a rigorous internal review of safety systems throughout the company a remedy was sought to mitigate risks associated with unlined portions of a 16’ finished diameter production shaft. Compass Minerals made a decision in 2015 to install a thin spray-on liner ground support system in the unlined portion of the shaft.  In 2016, Compass Minerals entered into agreement with Cementation USA to complete the work, which included engineering of work decks to fit the existing shaft configuration, preparation of the shaft walls, application of the liner material and installation of rock bolts.  This presentation will illustrate the challenges and successes experienced with this innovative shaft liner system including safety protocols, scheduling and coordination with an operating mine, methodology, and installation. The final results of the project which was completed in April 2017, will be discussed. Other potential applications for this liner and support system in the mining industry will be reviewed as well.
Keywords: Spray on Liner, Ground Support, Shaft Lining,