Input Automation of the Computerized Pit Design System at Iron Ore Company of Canada

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 800, 1978

Desmond Y. M. Lee, Supervisor, Technical Systems, and S. Kundu, Senior Programmer Analyst, Division of Data Processing, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Sept-lies, Quebec

This paper presents a procedure to prepare input for the computerized pit design system at Iron Ore Company of Canada. The procedure is simple and requires very little training. Also, it is general enough to accept both bench (horizontal cross section) maps and section (vertical cross section) maps. The output of this procedure is data which represent blocks of ore and waste with dollar values based on mineral content. The ultimate pit design is presented in printer-generated graphs, with numbers indicating the depths of pit bottom walls. Roads are added manually by the engineer with the aid of other computer programs. Section maps and bench maps are also printed as part of the output of the ultimate pit design.
Keywords: Open-pit operations, Pit design, Automation, Computer applications, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Bench maps, Section maps.