Innovative liner support trials in underground hardrock mines

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 88, No. 992, 1995

Samantha Espley and Chris Langille, Inco Limited, and Dougal McCreath, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario

In 1993, trials of two innovative applications of liner support involving the replacement of bolts in the ground support system were undertaken at Inco mines. The first trial involved an evaluation of the effect of dynamic loading on mesh-reinforced boltless shotcrete in a sub-level cave mining area on 2400 level at Stable Mine. The second trial involved an evaluation of the MIROC Mineguard spray-on liner as a replacement for bolts and screen support, or as a replacement for screen support alone, in a topsail heading of a bulk, VRM (vertical retreat mining) slope on 3240 level at Lower Coleman Mine.