Innovations in cokemaking and the role of the Canadian Carbonization Research Association

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 813, 1980

J.C. BOTHAM and T.D. BROWN, Manager and Research Scientist, Coal Resource and Processing Laboratory, Energy Research Laboratories, CANMET, Energy, Mines and Resources Canada

Coke is the most costly item in steelmak-ing via blast furnaces. Recent innovations in cokemaking have been directed toward reducing this cost while simultaneously improving coke quality and expanding the range of coals used in the process. It is also important to meet increasingly stringent environmental legislation.Improvements in coke quality have been achieved by novel blend selection procedures, by charge density control using both selective pulverization and partial briquetting, and by the use of modifying additives.The Canadian Carbonization Research Association provides a focus for Canadian cokemaking research which has demonstrated these technologies in a series of pilot-scale experiments.
Keywords: Cokemaking, Canadian Carbonization Research Association, Coal, Blast-furnace coke, Briquetting. Antifissurant additives, Charge density, Emission control, Heat recovery, bituminous coals.