Industrial Minerals of Alberta

CIM Bulletin, 1959


THE RESERVES of industrial minerals of the Western Plains are probably several times more valunable than all the known deposits of metallic minerals of the Canadian Shield, though sharing little of the latter's popular appeal. Because of comparatively low value per unit weight or volume, an adequate and accessible supply of industrial minerals is essential for the full development of any territory; assessment of the value of deposits should consider fully the proximity to cheap transportation, and existing and potential markets. Production statistics of industrial minerals are probably a more reliable guide to economic development than, for example, those of petroleum, and the relative importance of industrial minerals increases with growth of the population. The development of a high-volume natural deposit such as petroleum naturally favours an increase in population, and thus industrial minerals form an integral part of an expanding industrial economy. This situation is clearly demonstrated by the relationsl1ips of industrial minerals production, petroleum production, and population growth, in Alberta
Keywords: Alberta, bentonite, gypsum, industrial minerals, Northern Alberta, Upper Devonian, Canadian, Clay, Clays, Deposits, formation, Industrial minerals, Production