In-pit crushing and conveying reduces haulage costs

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 79, No. 892, 1986

HEINZ ALTHOFF and R.D. CLARK, O&K Orenstein and Koppel Canada Ltd., Dundas, Ontario

The advantages and disadvantages of a mobile crushing plant with a belt conveyor system compared to a stationary crushing plant with haulage by heavy trucks are described. The capital expenditure and operational expenses are compared and the individual cost factors are explained. Every open-pit mine or quarry, however, is different and has to be assessed and analyzed individually in order to find the optimum and most economical solution. Due to the high truck haulage costs, many open-pit mines tend to the more economical solution with mobile crushing plants and continuous belt conveyor operation.
Keywords: Open-pit mining, In-pit crushing, Conveying, Belt conveyors, Truck haulage system, Capital expenditures, Costs