In-mould electromagnetic stirring— cast billet and bar product quality

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 837, 1982

M. GRAY, A. McLEAN and G.C. WEATHERLY, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, L. BEITELMAN Ferrco Engineering, Whitby, Ontario, D. CAMPBELL, M.W. BATES and R. MADDEN Lake Ontario Steel, Co. Ltd., Whitby, Ontario

A program of evaluation of in-mould electromagnetic stirring on the product of a straight-mould, billet continuous casting machine has been carried out. The effects on macrostructure, surface and internal quality, chemistry segregation and mechanical properties on carbon, low-alloy and resulphurized, free-machining steel billets and rolled bars are discussed. Operational aspects as a result of in-mould stirring are highlighted.
Keywords: Technology, Electromagnetic stirring, Billets, Bars, Castings, Ferrco Engineering, Lake Ontario Steel, University of-Toronto, Continuous casting, Steel, Tensile strength.