Improving Safety at Work for Everyone: Me Too Mining Association


Susan Lomas, Lions Gate Geological Consulting and Me Too Mining Association

Workplace harassment has a direct link to worker safety, and this is no different for sexual harassment.  This presentation will include the experiences of women and men in mining, and a review of available studies that reveal higher rates of sexual harassment than most other industries.  The presentation will highlight the links between workplace harassment and how it can affect safety, and strategies to reduce harassment to improve safety. The presentation will introduce Me Too Mining Association, a not for profit organization seeking to address sexual violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, and intimidation inherent in the mining and mineral exploration industries, and mining impacted communities.  The goals of the organization are to: • Start The Conversation!  Get the industry talking about the experiences of women and men in mining.   • Advocate for better corporate policies and programs against sexual violence/harassment in the workplace, with clear and transparent pathways for reporting.  This should be part of the health and safety policies and programs. • Advocate for educative presentations, similar to safety indoctrinations, for all employees so everyone is aware of the definitions of sexual harassment in the workplace, how to prevent it, and consequences are made clear.  Advocate for inclusion of anti-harassment topics in daily health and safety toolbox meetings. • Establish a knowledge database on the MTM website for access to studies and data, reporting options listed by country, where to find support and resources for healing. By the end of the talk the audience will have guidance on actions to take back to their companies and what to do when sexual violence/harassment, discrimination or intimidation happens to them or in their presence.