Improved Rock Drill Bit Design

CIM Bulletin, 1965

Irvine J. Berscheid Chief Mine Eng ineer, San Antonio Gold Mines Ltd ., Bissett, Ma n.

This paper describes a rock drill bit which, although conventional in the processes of manufacture and use on the job, has incorporated into the outer wall or periphery of the insert, where wear is always the greatest, a variable amount of extra metal, distributed in units of height of insert to withstand this excessive wear. Explained are variations of construction, how the extra metal enables the bit to drill more footage, prevent antitaper and the need to gauge grind, increase penetration rate and the length of run per regrind, reduce shank breakage and machine costs, and permit increased production per man-shift, without requiring any change in equipment already on the job.
Keywords: Bits, Design, drill bit, peripheral, rock drill, shank, taper, Drilling, metals, Penetration rate, Penetration rates, wear