Implementing integrated process information and control systems

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 929, 1989

J.G. Bensley, and K.S. Detheridge, Cominco Engineering Services Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia

Many plants use computers for process control, and most have computerized Management Information Systems, but few have been able to have these systems interact with one another. Developing this system interaction is not a one-step process but requires careful planning and implementation. This paper describes two projects that were implemented to provide the bridge between the process control and management information systems of Cominco Limited. Both projects include the replacement of essentially process control systems installed in the late 1960s. These original systems provided an enhanced level of control, in the form of Direct Digital Control (via computer/manual analogue control stations) and a management reporting capability of process data. The experience gained from the use of these systems over a period of fifteen years formed a basis for the evaluation and planning for the new systems. The new systems were commissioned in 1985 and 1986, and operating and further developments leading to a totally integrated process information and control system are underway.
Keywords: Computer applications, Process control, Management information systems, Hierarchical control, Advanced control system