Hydrostatic Elevation Difference Meter

CIM Bulletin, 1972

H. J. MEYER, Research Scientist, Research Department, The New Jersey Zinc Company, A Subsidiary of Gulf & Western Industries, Inc., Palmerton, Pa., U.S.A.

A hydrostatic elevation difference meter has been developed for use in measuring elevations along gravity traverses. Elevations of stations 100 feet apart can be obtained at a rate of 1/2 mile per hour and to an accuracy better than 1/3 foot. This can be done along traverses which have not been cut and chained. The instrument is durable, lightweight and constructed of materials which will withstand any temperature encountered in field work. It is believed that this device will more than double the rate at which gravity surveys over mining prospects can be carried out.
Keywords: elevation, geophysics, hydrostatic head, New Jersey Zinc Company, Palmerton, Pennsylvania, Gravity, Gravity survey, Gravity surveys, mining, Pressure, Research, Temperature, Tubing, zinc