Hydrometallurgical Treatment of Oxidized Nickel-Cobalt Concentrate

CIM Bulletin, 1965

D. Maschmeyer Supervisor; B. Benson Superintendent, Metals Plant, Chemical Metallurgical Division, Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

The cobalt production of the Chemical Metallurgical Division of Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited was supplemented, from May, 1962, to June, 1964, by processing 3,500 tons of a calcined cobalt-nickel concentrate. This paper describes the reduction roast - aqueous sulphuric acid leach process and the operating practices employed in recovering cobalt, nickel and copper from this oxidized by-product of a lead-copper operation. Incorporated in this paper is a description of how this process was integrated with the existing ammonia leach - hydrogen reduction process for the recovery of nickel and with the soluble cobaltic ammine process for the recovery of cobalt.
Keywords: Acid, Ammonia, cobalt, hydrogen sulphide, Production of Nickel, sulphuric acid, Calcine, Cobalt, copper, Iron, metals, nickel, Reduction