Hydrogeochemical Methods - Application in the Canadian Shield

CIM Bulletin, 1971

R. W. BOYLE, E. H. W. HORNBROOK, R. J. ALLAN and W. DYCK, Geological Survey of Canada, and A. Y. SMITH, Consulting Geochemist, Ottawa, Ont.

HYDROGEOCHEMICAL METHODS in the Canadian Shield can be based on analyses of the following : (1) spring waters and their precipitates; (2) stream and river waters; (3) lake and muskeg waters; ( 4) ground waters from drill holes, wells, faults, etc.; (5) waters issuing from diamond drill holes, faults: shear zones, etc. into mine workings and open pits; also analyses of precipitates associated With these waters.
Keywords: analysis, Canadian Shield, Coppermine Basalt Area, Kaminak Lake, Radon, uranium, copper, Deposits, Survey, Surveys, uranium, Water, Waters