Hydraulic Filling in Metal Mines

CIM Bulletin, 1956


Hydraulic filling or sand filling is a system used to fill underground excavations with a dense pulp. Milltailings are commonly used. The resultant fill, after being placed and de-watered, is known as hydraulic fill. These fills have been effectively used to (a) provide immediate support of the working-place during stoping; (b) .facilitate the recovery of pillars; (c) limit surface damage by subsidence; ( d) permit the mining of parallel hanging-wall orebodies; ( e) stabilize the ground in mines, thereby reducing the rockburst hazard; (f) control and prevent mine fires; and (g) solve tailings disposal .problems.
Keywords: bulkheads, Falconbridge Nickel Mines, hydraulic fill, pulp, stope, Hydraulic filling, Materials, Mine, Mines, Pipe, stope, stopes, Systems, Water