Hydraulic drilling at the TANCO Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 827, 1981

G.W.R. KUZYK Mine Superintendent, Tantalum Mining Corporation of Canada, Limited Bernic Lake, Manitoba

Hydraulic drills, recently implemented at the Tantalum Mining Corporation of Canada, Limited, Bernic Lake Mine, are proving to be an economic alternative to pneumatic drilling systems. The paper describes the application of an electric-hydraulic drill jumbo to the mechanized room-and-pillar mine and its performance. The application of these drills resulted in improved environmental and working conditions.Drill rods and bits are a major cost centre in hard-rock mining applications. The paper also discusses the performance of one manufacturer's product used on the hydraulic drills.
Keywords: Hydraulic mining, TANCO Mine, Pegmatite dykes, Tantalum, Lithium, Room-and-pillar mining, Benching, Sloping, Drills, Penetration rates, Cost centres, Electrical systems, Safety, Environmental control.