How Can We Protect The Health of Alberta's Coal Workers?

CIM Bulletin, 1969

H. BUCHWAlD, C. R. MAY, K. R. SCHRAG and l. K. SMITH, Division of lndustrial Health Services, Alberta Department of Health, Edmonton, Alta.

New contracts for 65 million long tons of coking coal valued at over $900 million, over the next 15 years, herald the rebirth of Alberta's coal industry. The industry is optimistic that export orders may reach 20 million tons per annum by the mid-1970's. Coal will be extracted from underground and surface mines and it is expected that the total labour force will double from the present 1,200 men within the next two years. Ali the health hazards associated with coal mining are likely to be encountered and it will be incombent on the Provincial Department of Health to specify the standards which relate to health and environment where no such standards have previously existed. This paper examines sorne of the problems which are being encountered in setting up an environmental health program and reviews the practicability of environmental monitoring methods, with special reference to respirable dust.
Keywords: Alberta, Alberta, Alberta Department of Health, coal mining, Occupational Medicine, University of London, Coal, Health, industrial, Mine, Mines, service, Services, Standards