How accurate are non-destructive-testing based estimates of mine shaft rope breaking-strength losses? — an update

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 944, 1990

L.B. Geller and I.E. Udd, Research Laboratories, CANMET, Energy Mines and Resources Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

Mine-shaft wire-rope discard regulations include, among other criteria, a limited amount of permissible loss-of-breaking-strength (LBS). Currently, this parameter is estimated on the basis ofnon-destrutive-testing (NDT) with electro-magnetic (EM) type instruments. This paper analyses the accuracy with which these estimates have, so far, been obtained in practice. It concludes that while certain types of testers have produced better results than others, the desired accuracy level has not been attained. Also discussed are the putative reasons for this situation, and appropriate actions that the mining industry might wish to take.
Keywords: Non-destructive testing, Mine shaft ropes, Safety, Hoisting equipment.