Hoisting at Alwinsal

CIM Bulletin, 1972

W. D. BREIL, Resident Engineer, AEG - TELEFUNKEN, Toronto, Ontario; C. B. ISON, Mine Maintenance Foreman, Alwinsal Potash of Canada Limited, Lan igan, Saskatchewan.

A collection of general performance data relating to the G.H.H. - Gutehoffnungshiitte multi-rope friction hoist will be discussed together with some aspects of the following: overspeed supervision by a pantam device as opposed to the lilly type of fly ball control, automatic control systems, multi-disc braking, generator and motor winding, constant temperature monitoring, the development of an automatic hoist-rope lubrication system, and the control of rope tensions by the installation of G.H.H. - Gutehoffnungshiitte hoist rope fine tensioning units.
Keywords: Brakes, headframe, hoist, potash, reactive power, synchronous motor, Hoisting, Hoists, Motors, Operation, Power, Rope, Ropes, Skips, Systems