Hoist-Rope Stress Analysis and Preventative Maintenance for Multi-Rope Friction Hoists

CIM Bulletin, 1970

HUMPHREY DEAN, Manager, Mining Division, Wire Rope Industries of Canada Ltd., Montreal, Que.

Canadian mining companies now operate numerous Koepe-type friction hoists in a variety of different shafts, most of which have a depth in excess of 3,000 feet. Rope performance reliability is an absolutely essential ingredient of most installations and, for this to be provided, a more comprehensive understanding of rope reactions to applied stresses is required. It is the intent of this paper to illustrate for the operators the importance of the critical stresses encountered and to provide a maintenance program designed to circumvent potential difficulties.
Keywords: conveyance, Conveyances, drum, Hoist Rope, lbs, Long Groove, Rope Length Tolerance, Hoist rope, Hoist Ropes, Hoists, Rope, Ropes, service, Tension