History of Developments in Mineral Processing in Canada from 1921 to the Present Time

CIM Bulletin, 1965

John Convey Director, Mines Branch; L. E. Djingheuzian Chief, Mineral Processing Div., Mines Branch, Dept. of Mines and Technical Surveys, Ottawa

This paper, a follow-up to an earlier study, gives the history of Canadian developments in mineral processing from 1921 to the fall of 1964. It deals extensively with comminution and flotation, and then goes on to cover the fields of gravity concentration, magnetic concentration, cyanidation, the processing of uranium ores, and instrumentation. Several outstanding examples of installations are given. The paper concludes with a discussion of present-day trends in mineral processing.
Keywords: Canada, Canadian M, mineral processing, pyrite, Theory of Comminution, flotation, Grinding, Mill, Mills, Ore, Ores