History and Development of Mount Wright

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 780, 1977

P. J. Bourassa, Director of Engineering and Research, Quebec Cartier Mining Company, Port Cartier, Que.

Incorporated in 1957 under the laws of the Province of Quebec, Quebec Cartier Mining Co. undertook the development of its low-grade iron ore reserves located at Lac Jeannine in the southwest extremity of the Quebec-Labrador trough. This challenge comprised the construction of a 200-mile access road, two towns, a 191-mile-long railroad from Port Cartier to Lac Jeannine, a hydro-electric generating plant on the Hart Jaune River, and mining, crushing, concentrating and ancillary facilities to support a yearly production of 8.0 million tons of iron ore concentrates at 66% Fe. In order to meet increasing market demands for iron ore concentrates concurrently with the depletion of its Lac Jeannine reserves, Quebec Cartier announced, late in 1969, the first step toward bringing into production a new iron ore deposit, known as Mount Wright, located 70 air miles northeast of Lac Jeannine and 25 miles southwest of Labrador City, Newfoundland. In September 1970, the company announced its decision to develop and bring into production its Mount Wright reserves at an annual rate of 18.4 million dry long tons. The scope of this project included the construction of an access road linking the mine, the new town and Labrador City, Newfoundland, the extension of the railroad by some 86 miles, the construction of an ore concentrating plant with all the ancillary facilities, the development of the mine, the construction of a power transmission line and a new town adjacent to Lake Daviault. The Mount Wright story is divided into five individual papers covering: (a) the history and development of the project; (b) the mine; (c) plant control by a process computer; (d) crushing, grinding and concentrating; and (e) the townsite of Fermont.
Keywords: Mount Wright, Quebec Cartier Mining Company, History, Development, Geology, Railroads, Power, Tailings disposal.