High-volume ventilation at Denison Mines Limited

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 801, 1979

G. STEMMING, Manager of Engineering Services Denison Mines Limited, Elliot Lake, Ontario

The paper outlines the need for high-volume ventilation in a uranium mining operation based on the design to meet environmental requirements for dust, radiation and diesel equipment.Mining methods in a highly mechanized operation, a key factor in design, are discussed. The construction and installation of major intake and exhaust fans are described briefly, together with the development of the mine airways and distribution system.Controls in the form of doors and bulkheads are important considerations in planning. Finally, the need to lower ventilation requirements in response to increasing power costs will result in future improvements.
Keywords: Underground mining, Ventilation, Denison Mines Ltd., Uranium mining, Environmental control, Dust control, Radiation, Diesel equipment, Fans, Air distribution