High-Speed Development of a 2,000-foot 12-degree Decline

CIM Bulletin, 1971


Drilling results from the established levels at AngloRouyn Mines Limited had indicated inadequate tonnages to meet the planning schedule. It was decided to develop the main zone of the orebody below the bottom working level of the mine. The orebody dips north at an average of 50 degrees and plunges to the west at about 10 degrees. Due to the need for rapid development of this area, a decision was made to use trackless equipment. • This paper describes the method used and highlights the use of small 5-ton diesel trucks as carriers for the 2-cu.yd LHD machine. The method achieved advances of about 1,000 feet per month, at a dip of 12 degrees over a length of close to 2,000 feet, using as few as 20 men per day.
Keywords: chalcopyrite, Mining Association of Canada, ore, Saskatchewan, stope, Cost, Costs, Equipment, Mine, Mines, Ore, Ores, Scooptrams