High-Sensitivity Selective Ground Fault Protection

CIM Bulletin, 1964

R. A. Stevenson, A. J. Goodwin and W. B. Miller Annual General Meeting, Montreal, April, 1964 Federal Pacific Electric of Canada, Toronto, Ont.

The purpose of this paper is to outline a recent development in ground fault protection. The paper deals with the A problems of both grounded and ungrounded systems, with regard to hazards to personnel and equipment, and shows that the increased sensitivity and speed of operation of this new detector results in increased safety to personnel and reduced stresses on equipment, and permits the detection of leakage currents before they become serious faults. The detector can be applied to all distribution systems, either A.C. or D.C., up to 15 kv., and the detector itself can be tested at regular intervals without interrupting line circuits.
Keywords: capacitive coupling, current transformer, fault current, ground return, volts, Circuit, Circuits, Equipment, Fault, Faults, Hazard, Phase, Relays, Systems