High-Productivity Zinc Electro winning Plant

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 782, 1977

M. L Connolly, Assistant Superintendent, Zinc Electrolytic Plant, R. N. Honey, Project Supervisor, Zinc Operations, and C. J. Krauss, Development Superintendent, Plant Control, Cominco Ltd., Trail. B.C.

Zinc production by Cominco Ltd. began in Trail in 1916 at a rate of 55 metric tonnes per day (t/d) and was increased in several increments until now electrowinning capacity approaches 750 t/d. The last increment, a 40-t/d high-productivity electrowinning plant, was commissioned in 1974- In this paper, the design and operating experience with both the existing electrowinning plant and the new high-productivity plant are described.
Keywords: Hydrometallurgy, Electrowinning, Zinc, Cominco Ltd., Electrode contacts, Current density, Deposition time, Cathode handling, Stripping.