Heat reclaim at mine surface plants

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 801, 1979

W.D. BONISTEEL and J. MARTINOVIC, Central Engineering Department, Rio Algom Limited, Toronto, Ontario

In 1976, Rio Algom Limited began the expansion of uranium production facilities at Elliot Lake. Quirks Mine was the only property in operation at the time, and plans were made to expand its milling capacity from 4,500 to 7,000 tons of ore per day. Following this expansion, other properties in the area will be reactivated to fulfill long-term contracts for uranium.As part of the expansion program, it was decided that in view of the escalating cost and impending shortage of energy, heat reclaim and conservation would be employed wherever practicable.In general terms, heat reclaim applications fall into three main classifications: ventilation, utility and process. Two of the ventilation applications and one process application will be described in some detail. Several other systems will be presented briefly as a matter of general interest. Some future possibilities will also be mentioned, together with their potential for economical heat recovery.
Keywords: Environmental control, Heat recovery, Rio Algom Ltd., Ventilation, Plant heating, Uranium mills, Leaching, Compressor houses