Heat Load Estimation Of Conveyed Ore In Underground Mines


Kevin Tom, Howden Simsmart

Research has shown that broken rock heat along conveyor transport systems can contribute upwards of 50% towards the overall heat load in underground mines, depending on mine depth, surface climatic conditions, and production rate. However, few studies have made sufficient efforts to predict the temperature distribution of the ore along the conveyor system, which can help the implementation of heat management strategies. The present investigation examined a transient, analytical heat transfer model to track ore-pile temperature distributions, along conveyor systems. Effects on temperature distribution and Silesian temperature heat index include the adjustment to the following variables: production rate, ambient conditions, ore-pile thickness and belt velocity. The study also evaluated the periods at which the planned cooling plant is required to operate and the required cooling load. Based on the heat transfer model results, predictions of the ore-pile temperature distribution on conveyors can lead to improved heat management decisions. Additional research, comparing model to measurements, is needed to improve its accuracy and robustness.