Hanging-Wall Control at Willroy

CIM Bulletin, 1963


The sub-level blasthole benching method of mining has been proved to be economical at Willroy Mines. However due to the nature and attitude of the wall rock, this method is susceptible to serious hanging-wall dilution of the ore. Attempts to solve the dilution problem by various means were not satisfactory until long Stressteel bars were employed as rock bolts. The adoption of this device does not require any special skill, and has become routine in the underground operation. Since the inception of this method, the dilution of the ore has been greatly reduced and the over-all costs of controlling this dilution are much lower.
Keywords: Bars, dilution, er, hanging wall, Manitouwadge, Ontario, ore, stope, Ore, Ores, Rock, Rock bolt, Rocks, stope, stopes