Handling and Storage of Coal at Large Canadian Electric Utilities

CIM Bulletin, 1966

S. F. Featherby Thermal Operations Chemist, Operations Division, The 1Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontorio Toronto, Ont.

This paper traces briefly the historical development of coal handling systems to meet the needs of a rapidly developing thermal power generation technology. The wide range of operating requirements is demonstrated by comparing and contrasting the Wabamun GS of Calgary Power Ltd. and a typical modern OntarioHydro thermal plant. The problems of safe storage of large tonnages of coal in stockpiles are discussed, together with recommendations for stockpile management. The development of coal bunkers and t heir management is discussed in detail, together with future trends in the industry.
Keywords: Boilers, bucket-wheel excavator, bunker, coal, Lake Ontario, MW, Coal, conveyors, flow, Operation, Stockpiles, Storage, Supply, Systems