Gypsum Deposits of Southwestern Newfoundland

CIM Bulletin, 1951


A revised stratigraphic section of Carboniferous rocks which occupy about 700 square miles in southwestern Newfoundland is presented. Gypsum, which outcrops at thirty-five different localities, is found to belong to four principal zones in the section. The newly mapped structure of the region makes the otherwise random occurrences of gypsum appear as systematic outcroppings of the four zones which follow the regional structure. Details of several occurrences are given and those most advantageous for exploitation are pointed out.
Keywords: anhydrite, Bay St. George Carboniferous Area, River Gypsum, Ship Cove section, Windsor limestones, Conglomerate, Conglomerates, Gypsum, limestone, Newfoundland, Rock, Rocks, Sandstone, Shale, Shales