Ground waste glass as a pozzolanic consolidation agent for mine backfill

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 88, No. 995, 1995

J.F. Archibald, D.O. DeGagne, P. Lausch and E.M. De Souza Department of Mining Engineering, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

The potential use of industrial and municipal waste glass as a partial pozzolanic replacement for Normal Portland cement in mine backfill has been investigated. Considerable quantities of glass are currently discarded into landfill sites at high cost to municipal and industrial users with no foreseeable environmental benefits being gained by such disposal. This research study was undertaken to assess the viability of using ground waste glass materials as partial binder replacement of Portland cement fractions within consolidated mine backfill materials. The program was implemented to review various factors that could influence successful incorporation of glass waste replacement of cement, these factors being the feasibility of glass waste procurement, determination of process economics and the physical and chemical suitability of ground waste glass materials to generate adequate backfill strength when replacing Normal Portland cement fractions. A series of laboratory assessment trials were established to evaluate backfill component characteristics and mixture strength properties for both standard Portland cement-consolidated and blended Portland cement/ground waste glass-consolidated backfill materials. Side-by-side review of the strength behaviour of various component backfill/cement mixtures was designed to permit comparative evaluation of the capabilities of ground waste glass and Portland cement products as backfill consolidating agents