Ground Stress Studies in Coal Mines of Western Canada - A Progress Report

CIM Bulletin, 1958


THIS P APER has been prepared as a progress report on Mines Branch investigations into problems of ground stress in certain co al mines of Western Canada. As such, it should be considered as a companion report to the one ( 1) presented to the Mining Society of Nova Scotia in 1956 and which dealt with similar investigations in the coal mines of Eastern Canada. For the past 50 years, dynamic incidents in the form of 'bumps' and 'outbursts' have been occurring in the coal mines of the Inner Foothills belt of tl1e Canadian Cordillera. As these phenomena generally become more frequent with increased thickness of overburden, a limiting depth of mining of 2,500 feet has been set (2) for estimating recoverable reserves of coal. If such a view were accepted, from a long-term viewpoint very large resources of coking-grade •coal - in a part of the continent deficient in such coals - would not be available to the nation.
Keywords: abutment, coal, load cell, mine, strata, Coal, Development, Developments, Extraction, Mine, Mines, pillar, Pillars, stress